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no key, no plan

14 May, 2009

While material keeps appearing from around Australia, over in Papua New Guinea there was a halt to proceedings. And not for reasons of protests, disturbances in the gallery, or boycotting the reading out of rather long poetry. From the ABC:

Papua New Guinea’s national parliament has been prevented from sitting because of a missing key.

The bells calling members to take their seats in parliament rang for a lot longer than usual this afternoon, because the Sergeant-at-Arms had lost the key to the room that houses the symbolic mace.

The mace, which is placed before the Speaker when he takes his seat, symbolises the authority of the house and tradition dictates that parliament can not sit without it.

Speaker Jeffrey Nape says there is not a spare key to the door.

“That’s the only key they gave to the Sergeant-at-Arms,” he said.

A locksmith was called in but he broke several drill bits trying to pierce the thick metal door.

The room also contains the firearms to be used by security guards during emergencies.

Date: 12 May 2009

Reference: story by Liam Fox, posted to ABC News [Thanks to Dave for the link]

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