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train in vain

29 May, 2009

Hon. PT LUCAS (Lytton—ALP) (Deputy Premier and Minister for Health) (10.59 am): […] The Q150 steam train departs Rockhampton this Sunday and will stop at Mackay, Proserpine and Ayr on its way to Townsville.

Mr Schwarten: Are you going on it?

Mr LUCAS: No, I am not.

Mr Schwarten: Do you use trains?

Mr LUCAS: I do. Earlier this month the Premier had the pleasure of opening the Tree of Knowledge permanent memorial at Barcaldine. This magnificent memorial to the tree, that represents the founding site of the political movement we now know as the Australian Labor Party, will be another major attraction for visitors—

Mr Springborg interjected.

Mr Johnson: I am with you, Paul.

Mr LUCAS: The member for Gregory understands the true place of history in his community and indeed in this nation. The member for Gregory was on hand for the festivities and we are sure he agrees it will be another significant attraction in the west.

Mr Johnson: Am I the attraction or the tree? That buggered you, didn’t it?

Mr LUCAS: No, you are a bit of an attraction over there. We are just wondering where the tree of knowledge is for the LNP. Is it in Clive Palmer’s front lawn when he mows the grass?

Subject: Q150 Steam Train [Legislative Assembly – Ministerial Statements]

Date: 21 May 2009

Hansard reference: p. 492 [online (pdf)]

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