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such a hero

9 June, 2009

HON SALLY TALBOT (South West) [11.33 am]: […] On a slightly lighter note, honourable members will remember that some weeks ago we celebrated Conservation Week. I was one of several members from this place who went to the wind-up celebrations of that week at Kings Park. It was a beautiful night in the rotunda, which is a great location to celebrate something like Conservation Week. As well as a series of awards that went to some very worthwhile projects and individuals who have devoted a substantial part of their lives to the whole issue of environmental conservation, we had a real treat that night. That treat was a visit from “Sustainability Man”. “Sustainability Man” looked very spectacular as he bounded out of the shadows in Kings Park, because he happened to wear his underpants on the outside of his trousers, and he took the event by storm. I actually watched the expressions on the faces of the organisers very closely to make sure they had planned the arrival of “Sustainability Man”, and clearly they had.

Hon Simon O’Brien: What colour was the offending garment?

Hon SALLY TALBOT: I am terribly sorry, Hon Simon O’Brien, but I cannot remember.

Hon Simon O’Brien: Alas, the moment has gone, I think!

Hon SALLY TALBOT: The colour is not what is indelibly imprinted on my memory, I have to say, but I might be able to do a little research on that.

Hon Simon O’Brien: I hope you are not enduringly traumatised, anyway!

Hon SALLY TALBOT: No, it was not a traumatic experience at all. In fact, I am very pleased to be able to
share with the house some of the contribution that “Sustainability Man” made to that event.

Subject: Water Catchments – South West Recovery Program [Legislative Council – Motion]

Date: 4 June 2009

Hansard reference: p. 4616 [online (pdf)]

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