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the wrong side of the bed

24 June, 2009

646. Hon KEN TRAVERS to the Minister for Transport:
I refer to the Auditor General’s report released today that highlighted the failures of the road maintenance
contracts entered into by the last Court-Barnett Liberal government.

(1) Is the minister aware that these failed road maintenance contracts are outcomes-based, which means that the previous government could not have reduced the backlog by funding additional maintenance work, and that any additional funding would simply have reduced the amount of work that the contractors would be required to do?


Hon SIMON O’BRIEN replied:
(1)-(3) I believe the honourable member is mistaken in his assertion that during the boom years, while backlogs of road maintenance were being accrued year after year it was somehow —

Hon Ken Travers interjected.

The PRESIDENT: Order! We have been through question time with questions asked and answered without any comment from the sidelines. Let us maintain that.

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: I do not know why this member wants to answer his own questions. If he wants to ask me a question, I will answer the blooming thing. But I get halfway through it and then he interrupts, so that the President has to intercede and we lose the train of thought. If he is serious about it, he can give —

Hon Sally Talbot: He’s just trying to help you.

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: Who is?

Hon Sally Talbot: Hon Ken Travers is trying to help you.

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: Yes, sure he is. Gee, he needs to get a life.

Hon Ken Travers: Are you a bit tetchy today, minister?

The PRESIDENT: Order! Let me make this clear: it is the member’s job to ask the question; it is the minister’s job to answer it. It is my job to adjudicate on what happens in the chamber; it is not the individual member’s job. I call on the Minister for Transport to answer the question.

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: If he has gone to all the trouble of asking a question, I will try once more to get an answer out.

Subject: Road Maintenance Contracts [Legislative Council – Questions Without Notice]

Date: 17 June 2009

Hansard reference: pp. 5116 – 5117 [online (pdf)]

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