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17 August, 2009

Mr JOHNSON (Gregory—LNP) (12.52 pm): […] From the outset I want to pay tribute here today to the security staff of this place. I believe they are the absolute champions of this place—all staff are for that matter. But, as a member from a remote electorate, I spend a lot of hours in this place on my own and they are champion blokes to talk with.

Mr Nicholls: You get lonely.

Mr JOHNSON: You do get lonely. There is someone to have a yarn with. I do not get lonely in the way that probably the member for Clayfield gets lonely because he has Mary at home only a few miles up the road. I like girls, not blokes. You have to talk to blokes. Anyway, we are not going to go into that.

Honourable members interjected.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mr Wendt): Order! Cease those interjections. The member is having trouble.

Mr JOHNSON: I see the member for Cairns, the Minister for Local Government, smiling over there.

Mr Nicholls: You can get lonely together.

Mr JOHNSON: Yes, we can get lonely together. But the security staff are bloody champions and I want to put that on the record. Mr Deputy Speaker, no more interjections from the member for Clayfield.

Subject: Appropriation (Parliament) Bill / Appropriation Bill [Legislative Assembly – Consideration in Detail — Cognate Debate]

Date: 5 August 2009

Hansard reference: p. 1438 [online (pdf)]

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