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squeeze bus

18 August, 2009

Mr R.F. JOHNSON:[…] It is quite interesting that the opposition has been very silent over the past few months in relation to these vicious attacks on our drivers, and the increase in crime and violence in our society. What is the opposition’s policy in relation to trying to combat crime on our buses and trains, and everything else?

Several members interjected.

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: I will tell members what it is—it must be what the member for Perth has said. What has he said about buses? He said that they want a Transperth fleet of bendy buses to be upgraded so they can play piano accordion music! That is the policy from the opposition. He wants the bendy buses to have piano music when they go around corners! We know where the support is coming from because, apparently, we have checked his Facebook! His friends agree with him—it is a great initiative! I wonder what the opposition leader thinks. Does he think the answer to all these problems on our buses is to have piano music played on the bendy buses when they go around corners? What does he think about that?

Mr E.S. Ripper: I think we should have a parliamentary inquiry into rock throwing!

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: What—into his bendy buses!

The SPEAKER: Members! Take a seat, minister. I know that the minister has sought an interjection from the Leader of the Opposition, and I might be interested to hear that interjection from the Leader of the Opposition if I could. I call the member for Victoria Park formally for the first time. The Leader of the House has the call.

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: I was trying to quote what the member for Perth said. According to my notes, he stated —

Perth needs livening up and if regular tourist routes used bendy buses that played accordion music every time they twisted and turned, we’d have a recognisable tourist attraction at little cost.

Absolutely ridiculous! That is their policy; to have bendy buses in Perth! Great one, member for Perth! The only people who agree are his friends on Facebook.

Subject: Public Transport Safety [Legislative Assembly – Questions Without Notice]

Date: 13 August 2009

Hansard reference: pp. 5963 – 5964 [online (pdf)]

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