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the playground

18 August, 2009

Mr SCHWARTEN: […] I note the almost schizophrenic response that we have heard here today. On the one hand, we heard the shadow minister say that privatisation was obviously what we should be doing—that we should have privatisation of public buildings, that we should not be in that business; that we should not be in Goprint; that we should not be in public works. We are not a competitor. Then the next speaker, the member for Glass House, got up with a rambling diatribe about privatisation, fire sales and all the other nonsense and again repeated that he was anti privatisation. Then the last speaker we had, the hapless member for Redlands, got to his feet and embarrassed himself.

Mr DOWLING: Madam Deputy Speaker, I rise to a point of order.

Mr SCHWARTEN: You are hapless. I take it back.

Mr DOWLING: I am not entirely sure whether ‘hapless’ is a term reflective of this arena. I find that

Mr SCHWARTEN: I withdraw. If the boot fits, wear it.

Mr Johnson: Withdraw.

Mr SCHWARTEN: I withdrew.

Mr Johnson: Withdraw unreservedly.

Mr SCHWARTEN: I withdrew it. Oh, shut up, you. For God’s sake, man.

Mr Seeney: What are you picking on the new kids for?

Madam DEPUTY SPEAKER (Ms van Litsenburg): Order!

Mr SCHWARTEN: Well, he started it. You’re just an old irrelevancy. I am here and you are there,
and you have been there a longer time than I have been here and you are going to continue to be there. Do not go to a gun fight with a stick.

Subject: Appropriation (Parliament) Bill / Appropriation Bill [Legislative Assembly – Consideration in Detail — Cognate Debate]

Date: 5 August 2009

Hansard reference: p. 1453 [online (pdf)]

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