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our friends in the north

21 August, 2009

A return to poetry for the end of the week – the full Hansard version will appear when its been corrected, so for now here’s the ABC article by Anna Henderson on events in the Northern Territory this week:

Last week, Parliament was suspended after the Opposition filed a no confidence motion in the Henderson Labor Government that could have triggered an election or handed the Country Liberals power.

The independent Member for Nelson, Gerry Wood, who held the balance of power in the August 14 vote, ended up making an agreement with the Government to keep them in office.

In the chamber last night, Mr Wood read out two poems about the challenging decision he had to make.

“I sit upon my bottom as my mind begins to ache,” his first ditty began.

“I ponder what has happened, just a week ago to date.

“It seems like just a dream and not a real state.

“But when I open up my eyes I know it’s no mistake.

“So what’s the use of pondering if nothing is a fake.

“Just get on with living and laugh, not contemplate.”

The second poem was about the day he had to play kingmaker.

“Some days are good, some days are bad but none quite the same as the 14th day of August,” he told the chamber.

“Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes I’m sad, and sometimes I feel like the 14th day of August.

“Sometimes life’s easy, sometimes it’s not, that’s how it was on the 14th day of August.

“Some days I can’t remember, some days I can, but I won’t forget the 14th day of August.

“But life moves on and the sun comes up, so who cares about the 14th day of August.”

Mr Wood’s parliamentary poetry received a brief clap from a lone member of the Legislative Assembly.

Subject: ‘I sit upon my bottom’: NT kingmaker turns political poet

Date: 21 August 2009

Reference: ABC News [thanks Dave for the link!]

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