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back and bickering

31 August, 2009

HON SALLY TALBOT (South West) [10.15 pm]: […] Government members on the front bench have come back even more bad tempered and sulky than they were before they went on their winter break.

Hon Norman Moore: What are you talking about?

Hon SALLY TALBOT: I will try to explain so that Hon Norman Moore gets the point.

Hon Norman Moore: You are so extraordinarily rude.

Hon SALLY TALBOT: I realise that I might be being a bit obtuse for him, particularly at this time of night. When working our way through the Local Government Amendment (Elections) Bill tonight we heard some very well-informed and well-thought-through contributions from this side of the house.

Hon Norman Moore: The last speech was the worst I have heard in this place. It was a terrible performance; just filling in time.

Hon SALLY TALBOT: Hon Norman Moore is clearly having difficulty containing himself. I am happy to wait until he calms down a bit.

Hon Norman Moore: I am perfectly calm; I can assure you of that.

Hon SALLY TALBOT: Hon Norman Moore does not look terribly calm.

THE DEPUTY PRESIDENT (Hon Matt Benson-Lidholm): Order! It is getting rather late in the night. I want to get out of this place as well. If we could focus on the task at hand?

Subject: Minister for Environment – Response to Question Without Notice – Adjournment Debate [Legislative Council – Adjournment of the House]

Date: 11 August 2009

Hansard reference: pp. 5594 – 5595 [online (pdf)]

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