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girls and boys

2 September, 2009

Hon SUE ELLERY: […] The point that I was trying to make is that research is available that shows that the changes that are going on in an adolescent’s brain are quite enormous and they kick in at various stages of a person’s development. There is a gender difference, for example, with that development.

Several members interjected.

Hon SUE ELLERY: Are there boys laughing in the chamber?

Before any of the research that is before us now came about, there was lots of research about teenage girls
maturing quicker than teenage boys. Some might say that that continues for the rest of our lives.

Hon Nick Goiran: Obviously not in this chamber.

Hon SUE ELLERY: Dear me!

The DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Order, members! I have had this conversation in the chamber before. We are not the other place. As the Leader of the Opposition pointed out, everybody will have an opportunity to speak if they wish and have their words placed in history through Hansard. Unfortunately, if members carry on the way that they are, their words will be missed by Hansard.

Subject: Criminal Code Amendment Bill 2008 [Legislative Council – Committee]

Date: 20 August 2009

Hansard reference: p. 6247 [online (pdf)]

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