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in case of emergency

7 September, 2009

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: […] I am going to leave it at that. There is no point going on. An attack has been made on a member of the government, of which I am a part. He is not here; he is in another house. I am simply standing up to say the government rejects it. The government treats the member’s attitude with contempt. Even the stunt of going on about groceries—that was yesterday’s game of the day in another place.

Hon Ken Travers: That is typical. You lot don’t like being caught out! It is all yesterday’s news. “We lied yesterday; do not worry about what we are doing today.”

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: Come up with something original, if you can!

Hon Ken Travers: I brought up something original. I brought up the fact that the minister lied again yesterday.

Hon Norman Moore: I know a late-night chemist who could give the member some valium, if he would like some.

Subject: Woolworths and IGA Grocery Prices – Hon Ken Travers’ Comments [Legislative Council – Adjournment Debate]

Date: 20 August 2009

Hansard reference: pp. 6278 – 6279 [online (pdf)]

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