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18 September, 2009

Mr M. McGOWAN: […] I think it is appropriate that we have a regional sitting of Parliament once a term. Once we have done these three sittings—Kalgoorlie had a sitting of Parliament as well—it makes me wonder whether it is necessary to have a sitting in the next term of Parliament and where the Parliament might go. We might just analyse how successful the Bunbury sitting is before we make that decision to go bush again in the next term of the Parliament after this one.

Mr E.S. Ripper: I can’t persuade you that we should go to Nyabing then?

Dr E. Constable: Where?

Mr M. McGOWAN: I am dumbstruck by that one! That is a wonderful idea. I would perhaps suggest
Rockingham as an appropriate place for the Parliament to proceed to ahead of Nyabing. However, we could certainly put Nyabing on the long-term plan and perhaps in the year 2586 the Parliament might consider Nyabing.

Several members interjected.

Mr M. McGOWAN: I am sure the member for Belmont will still be here in 2586!

Mr R.F. Johnson: Will he still be the Leader of the Labor Party?

Mr M. McGOWAN: Where was I at? I do think that we need to consider whether or not we go to the country again after the Bunbury sitting; whether or not it is necessary in the following term; and which venue we may well go to. I think going to Bunbury is a good idea because, as members have said, it is the second-largest city in Western Australia. If Mandurah is incorporated into the metropolitan area, it is the second-largest city in Western Australia. It has a huge catchment.

Mr D.A. Templeman: You said Mandurah was in the metropolitan area! You’ll keep!

Mr M. McGOWAN: I may end up voting against this motion the way I am going at the moment!

Mr E.S. Ripper: So far you’ve insulted Nyabing and Mandurah!

Mr M. McGOWAN: Ha-ha! I am not sure that I am going to support this motion any more! It may well be something on which the Whip would call a division and I would be on one side and everyone else would be on the other!

Subject: Legislative Assembly – Bunbury Sitting [Legislative Assembly – Arrangements — Motion]

Date: 9 September 2009

Hansard reference: pp. 6624 – 6625 [online (pdf)]

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