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21 September, 2009

Mr F.M. LOGAN: […] The member for Riverton is an extremist. He is an extreme right-winger of the Liberal Party who does not want to see any extension to any protections for people in our society through the Equal Opportunity Act.

Dr M.D. Nahan: Bullshit!

Withdrawal of Remark

Mr M.P. WHITELY: I clearly heard –

Dr M.D. NAHAN: Mr Speaker –

Mr J.R. Quigley: Sit down, goose!

Dr M.D. Nahan: Goose?

The ACTING SPEAKER (Mr P.B. Watson): Excuse me, I am taking a point of order, and the language will cease from now, especially that of the member for Mindarie.

Mr M.P. WHITELY: I think the Acting Speaker needs to be concerned about the language of the member for Riverton, who compounded his unparliamentary behaviour by trying to interrupt whilst I was making a point of order.

The ACTING SPEAKER: Can I have your point of order, please?

Mr M.P. WHITELY: The member is a disgrace and he should be made to withdraw the language that he used.

Mr M. McGOWAN: Further to the point of order, under standing order 42(2), a member may be named for being guilty of disorderly conduct. I heard the member for Riverton use a phrase which I have never heard in this chamber before and which I would describe as highly offensive and an example of disorderly conduct. I think that what he did is worthy of naming in this particular circumstance, and it is a further example of the extraordinarily bad behaviour of government members in this house. I am interested to see whether the Leader of the House rises in defence of the behaviour of a member who has behaved in an absolutely disgraceful and appalling fashion whilst children and breastfeeding mothers are in the gallery.

Several members interjected.

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: Further to the point of order, the member for Riverton may have transgressed in the comment that he made.

Mr J.R. Quigley: Transgressed?

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: I thought the member was serious about this.

The ACTING SPEAKER: Excuse me, Leader of the House: speak to me, please.

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: I am happy to, Mr Acting Speaker. The member for Riverton may have transgressed in the comment that he made, but the normal practice of the house is that if the Acting Speaker believes that is the case, he should ask him to withdraw that comment. The manager of opposition business is trying to use extreme measures, by the invocation of one standing order, to have a member named. I have never, ever seen that in my 17 years in this place.

Mr P. Papalia: Did you hear what he said?

The ACTING SPEAKER: I did not hear the member for Riverton’s comment, but if it was as bad as members are saying it was, I would have considered naming him. But I did not hear it and I will ask him to withdraw it.

Dr M.D. NAHAN: I rose to withdraw it immediately upon uttering it; that is why I rose. I withdraw it

Mr J.R. Quigley: You’re an embarrassment!

Subject: Equal Opportunity Amendment Bill 2009 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 16 September 2009

Hansard reference: pp. 7198 – 7199 [online (pdf)]

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