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is this love?

24 September, 2009

Mr W.J. JOHNSTON: I wonder if the minister who is speaking would be able to advise the chamber which part of the clause that is before us he is addressing in his remarks.

Mr R.F. Johnson: The same as your member. You are a stupid idiot, you really are!

Mr M. McGowan: He is making the point —

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: There is no discussion on a point of order.

Mr R.F. Johnson: He cannot make a point of order while there is one —

Mr W.J. JOHNSTON: If I could interrupt my own point of order to make a separate point of order, the leader of government business just called me a stupid idiot. I know that he is very fond —

Mr R.F. Johnson: You’re allowed to tell the truth in this place!

Withdrawal of Remark

Mr W.J. JOHNSTON: He is very fond of saying these types of things about different people in this chamber but it is unparliamentary. I ask the Deputy Speaker to make him withdraw.

Mr R.F. Johnson: Which word—“stupid” or “idiot”?

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: Leader of the House, please withdraw the comment.

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: I withdraw.

Subject: Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Amendment Bill 2009 [Legislative Assembly – Consideration in Detail]

Date: 15 September 2009

Hansard reference: p. 6955 [online (pdf)]

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