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big boys

30 September, 2009

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: […] The member for Mandurah mentioned motorcycles. That was a decision made by the Commissioner of Police.

Ms M.M. Quirk: Did you not agree with it?

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: If the member for Girrawheen wants to ask me a question, she should get up and ask me a question. I am answering the member for Mandurah’s question. Will he tell his members to stop interjecting?

Mr M. McGowan interjected.

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: You just be quiet yourself, boy.

Withdrawal of Remark

Mr A.J. CARPENTER: The Leader of the House should know better. That was not the correct way to address the leader of opposition business. He should know that and if he does not, he should be told about it.

Mr R.F. Johnson: You are working hard today. You are trying to think of something to say.

The SPEAKER: I enjoy this place far more often when members respect each other. I ask the minister to withdraw the remark he made about the leader of opposition business.

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: Is that the word “boy”?


Mr R.F. JOHNSON: I withdraw. I wish someone would call me that.

Questions without Notice Resumed

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: I will answer the member for Mandurah’s question if he gets his colleagues to stay quiet. I can see a great big dummy going around somewhere. It probably would not fit in the mouth of the member who has it because it is not big enough; it would get lost in there.

Subject: Police – Front-Line Service Definition [Legislative Assembly – Questions Without Notice]

Date: 22 August 2009

Hansard reference: pp. 7390-7391 [online (pdf)]

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