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19 October, 2009

Hon LJILJANNA RAVLICH: […] I should not go into the detail of the bill, but proposed section 216(1), which defines the meaning of a graffiti implement, refers to a can of spray paint, a pen and a marker that has a tip over six millimetres wide, the contents of which are insoluble in water and can mark a surface. There would be plenty of products on the market that would fall into that definition.

Hon Nick Goiran: Such as?

Hon LJILJANNA RAVLICH: I do not know, but I am sure there are. In fact, I might even bring a list of things for the member tomorrow. I could even go one better: I could actually bring the implements into the house and pass them around to members so that they could see them, feel them and so on and so forth. The second reading speech refers to marker pens or similar implements, which goes to the member’s question to me about what they might be. I cannot think off the top of my head what they might be, but they might be big eyeliner pencils, for example. Mind you, people would need to have big –

Hon Liz Behjat: Six millimetres – that is a huge eyeliner!

Hon LJILJANNA RAVLICH: Well, there are some hairy eyebrows around town!

Hon Liz Behjat: Croatian eyebrows for sure!

Hon LJILJANNA RAVLICH: Croatian eyebrows – very uncharitable!

Subject: Criminal Code Amendment (Graffiti) Bill 2009 [Legislative Council – Second Reading]

Date: 23 September 2009

Hansard reference: p. 7529 [online (pdf)]

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