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still too soon to know

28 October, 2009

Mr J.M. FRANCIS: […] To be quite honest, I have seen first-grade schoolchildren keep better records of a class meeting than those of the decision making on handing out $10.7 million. Ros Kelly did a much better job on a whiteboard!

Several members interjected.


Mr J.M. FRANCIS: As to why some applications were successful and some were not, we will never know, but I will talk briefly to the value for money aspect.

Mr M.P. Murray: Stop reading from paper!

Mr J.M. FRANCIS: I am happy to table my notes.

Mr P. Papalia: Is this as good as it gets?

Mr J.M. FRANCIS: It gets better!

Subject: Public Accounts Committee [Legislative Assembly – Third Report – “Inquiry into the Distribution of Grant Funds from the Confiscation Proceeds Account” – Tabling]

Date: 17 September 2009

Hansard reference: p. 7247 [online (pdf)]

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