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18 November, 2009

Hon. AM BLIGH (South Brisbane—ALP) (Premier and Minister for the Arts) (9.44 am): As members know, I recently participated in the Network 10 program Celebrity MasterChef. As Queenslanders will see when my episode goes to air next week, this was an excellent opportunity to showcase some of our state’s fantastic produce to the nation. I was delighted to receive thousands of ingredient ideas from people all over the state, and I thank local producers who went to great lengths to ensure that I considered their products when selecting my final dishes. While I cannot reveal the full details of all the dishes until the show airs, I am confident they represent the diversity of delicious ingredients that we have available to us here in Queensland.

Mr Lucas: You didn’t ask for my recipe.

Ms BLIGH: I can absolutely assure the people of Queensland that the Deputy Premier’s recipe for curried sausages did not see the light of day.

Ms Simpson: Biological warfare.

Ms BLIGH: I take the interjection from the member for Maroochydore, who just accused the Deputy Premier of an attempt at biological warfare by supplying the ABC with his curried sausages.

Subject: Celebrity MasterChef [Legislative Assembly – Ministerial Statements]

Date: 8 October 2009

Hansard reference: p. 2676 [online (pdf)]

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