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8 December, 2009

Mrs L.M. HARVEY: Will the Attorney General please update the house on new initiatives that have been put in place by our Liberal-National government, and also the evidence suggesting the impact the initiatives are having on the level of crime in Bunbury and across regional Western Australia?

Mr P.B. Watson: Tin Man.

Mr C.C. PORTER replied:
The member for Albany’s interjection was to call me Tin Man, which I presume means that I have no heart. My friend the member for Albany is the scarecrow.

Several members interjected.

The SPEAKER: Thank you, members!

Mr C.C. PORTER: Did the member like it? In actual fact, he has missed the whole point, because when we read L. Frank Baum’s excellent 1900 novel, we find that the whole point was that the Tin Man was the person who showed the greatest love and emotional support for Dorothy. Indeed, in fairness to the member, the scarecrow did actually have a brain. So the member cannot even watch a children’s film and get the point.

Subject: Law and Order Initiatives – Crime Rates [Legislative Assembly – Questions Without Notice]

Date: 21 October 2009

Hansard reference: p. 8407 [online (pdf)]

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