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i’m waking up to us

28 January, 2010

HON MAX TRENORDEN (Agricultural) [9.42 pm]: Like you, Mr Deputy President, I decided that I would not participate in this debate, but in listening to the drivel from members, I found an overwhelming desire to do so.

Point of Order

Hon SALLY TALBOT: Hon Max Trenorden might be used to a different set of rules, but I do not think “drivel” is a parliamentary term in this place.

Hon Robyn McSweeney: It should be.

Hon SALLY TALBOT: Yes, there are occasions.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT (Hon Matt Benson-Lidholm): I think I will let Hon Max Trenorden continue. The intent of the comment was not disparaging or pointed at any member in particular. Hon Max Trenorden,
continue please.

Debate Resumed

Hon MAX TRENORDEN: Thank you, Mr Deputy President.

Hon Ken Travers: Just get on with your drivel, Max!

Hon MAX TRENORDEN: There is my handkerchief; Hon Ken Travers can wipe his chin first!

Subject: Royalties for Regions Bill 2009 [Legislative Council – Second Reading]

Date: 25 November 2009

Hansard reference: p. 9724 [online (pdf)]

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