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dog on wheels

1 February, 2010

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: […] I have sat in this very place and responded time and again during the formal budget estimates hearings. I have been over the road at the committee office, I think, to respond to questions about this. Just recently there was a separate hearing, with officers from the Department of Transport being grilled by our friendly Rottweilers on the bench opposite as they attempted to sustain —

Hon Ken Travers: Great Danes.

Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich: And I want to be a Dalmatian!

Hon Ken Travers: I’m a Great Dane and she’s a Dalmatian!

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: All right. I am a dog lover, so let the record show that there is a sense of goodwill and good cheer as these casual remarks are flying around the chamber. However, because I upset my good friend Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich yesterday with some remark about knuckles, if I were to adopt the member’s view that she is a bit like a Dalmatian, I do so in a very affectionate way, but, for the purposes of the record, I am not referring in any way to her Dalmatian’s gender! Okay; I want to make that quite clear.

The PRESIDENT: Order! I think we are talking about parking fees for vehicles, motorcycles and so on, not dogs.

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: Okay. I think we need to conclude very quickly; there may be other speakers. The only way I can bring the debate back to the streetscape of parking bays is by dragging a fire hydrant or something into it, so I will not go there.

Subject: Perth Parking Management Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2009 – Disallowance [Legislative Council – Motion]

Date: 26 November 2009

Hansard reference: p. 9910 [online (pdf)]

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