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9 February, 2010

Hon JON FORD: […] It seems that at this stage the Premier is in denial. All the messages are there for everybody concerned to see, but the Premier is still playing the hardline, hairy-chested view of the world.

Hon Phil Edman: Hairy-chested?

Hon Ken Travers: Are you implying that the Premier does not have a hairy chest? You seem to speak from knowledge.


Hon JON FORD: That reflects the age difference between Hon Phil Edman and me. That was a very common term when I was a younger man, and I still use it.

Hon Ken Travers: Not that long ago!

Hon JON FORD: No, not that long ago.

Hon Ed Dermer: I am afraid that more hair on the chest seems to go with age.

Hon JON FORD: I must be careful, or I will start talking about flowers.

The PRESIDENT: Order! I think we will get back to James Price Point.

Hon JON FORD: We will—thank you, Mr President.

Subject: Kimberley Liquefied Natural Gas Project [Legislative Council – Motion]

Date: 15 October 2009

Hansard reference: p. 8099 [online (pdf)]

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