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heaven in the afternoon

10 February, 2010

I said it last year, and it didn’t really work out, but I’m willing to try again this year: content from Federal Parliament Hansard. The main reason it didn’t happen last year was the long time it took for the official, corrected Hansard to be made available online (as opposed to the proofs, which we try not to quote here). However, in particular when my work settles down and Queensland’s time zone matches that of the ACT, I will probably go back to covering Question Time on twitter to get more federal material. Well, maybe…

Ms JULIE BISHOP— […] Mr Speaker, I congratulate you on your calm and measured demeanour. You have somewhat of a cult following among the afternoon question time devotees, and I have
had a number of emails about your considered judgments.

Mr Billson— And how unnaturally handsome he is!

The SPEAKER— Order!

Ms JULIE BISHOP— Would you like me to take that intervention at that point?

The SPEAKER— No, I think we will let that ride.

Subject: Valedictories [House of Representatives]

Date: 26 November 2009

Hansard reference: p. 13036 [online (pdf)]

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