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15 February, 2010

The SPEAKER— The member for Dickson on a point of order.

Mr Dutton— Mr Speaker, consistent with your advice a couple of days ago, I just wanted to raise with you the issue of the delay taken for you to ask the Prime Minister to resume his seat. It obviously allows
him to get his grab out for the nightly news, which is what he is after.


Mr Dutton— I am just questioning why that delay is.

The SPEAKER— The member for Dickson will resume his seat! I have had referred to me public comment that the member for Dickson has made on Twitter.

Mr Hockey interjecting—

The SPEAKER— The member for North Sydney can sit there quietly and he will find out, so then he can twitter that, tweet it or whatever the expression is.

Honourable members interjecting—

The SPEAKER— It’s tweet all right! I simply say to the member for Dickson that, regrettably, I am not a director of a television show, and until his contribution to Twitter was referred to me, I had not understood the series of points of order that have been made about a phenomenon that I think in the proper conduct of this place as a live piece of theatre assists. Having been alerted, I am conscious now that there are several members who believe that we are conducting this place for the TV grabs and that might include people who approach the dispatch box on points of order. The member for Longman has the call.

Climate Change

Mr SULLIVAN (3.06 pm)— Thank you, Mr Speaker.

Mr Hockey interjecting—

Mr Dutton interjecting—

Mr SULLIVAN— Mr Speaker, do I have to wait for Tweetle-dee and Tweetle-dumb?

Mr Dutton interjecting—

The SPEAKER— The member for Dickson is warned! And the member for Longman will go to his question.

Subject: Australian Labor Party / Climate Change [House of Representatives – Questions Without Notice]

Date: 25 November 2009

Hansard reference: p. 12853 [online (pdf)]

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