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Jock Ferguson

16 February, 2010

Jock Ferguson, Member of the Western Australian Legislative Council representing the Eastern Metropolitan region for the Labor Party, died on the weekend. He had been elected to the Legislative Council in the 2008 state election. [For more information, here is a link to an article from theWest Australian.

Hon HELEN MORTON: […] I support the minister for the work that she is doing and suggest that it is time the opposition took a less political approach to this issue and adopted a bit more of a scientific approach. […] Members opposite are always trying to attack the minister in some way over something irrelevant, such as trying to find out what kind of social contacts she and her husband have. I imagine the next thing they will try to find out is the colour of her underwear. It is amazing to hear the kind of personal, irrelevant questions that they keep asking of this minister. It is unbelievable.

Hon Sally Talbot: Where is this coming from?

Hon HELEN MORTON: The shadow minister lacks credibility because she will not take a scientific approach to this matter. She has to do the hard work, listen to the experts and stop trying to make it a political argument because that is all she is trying to do at the moment.

Hon Sally Talbot: Who’s trivialising this debate?


HON JOCK FERGUSON (East Metropolitan) [4.46 pm]: I support the remarks made by my colleagues. I assure Hon Helen Morton that I am not interested in the colour of the minister’s underwear. I will not be seeking any clarification in that regard.

Hon Simon O’Brien: That’s the only lucid remark we’ve had from your side this afternoon.

The PRESIDENT: Order! Comments need to be relevant to the matter before the Chair.

Hon JOCK FERGUSON: The Minister for Transport obviously thinks he is a bit of a wit. It is a shame he is only half right.

Hon Simon O’Brien: Well rehearsed, Jock.

Hon JOCK FERGUSON: It was not rehearsed at all. It came straight off the top of my head.

Subject: Dolphin Deaths – Swan and Canning Rivers [Legislative Council – Urgency Motion]

Date: 17 November 2009

Hansard reference: pp. 9021-9022 [online (pdf)]

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