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the boy done wrong again

17 February, 2010

Ms JONES: The position of the Queensland government with regard to the ETS, which is currently being debated in the federal parliament, has been clear and has always been clear—that is, we support a national approach to an emissions trading scheme. That has been our position. That is why we have, like all honourable members—some have been watching more closely than others—been awaiting the outcome of what is being debated federally. What we have seen federally is a very interesting circumstance when it comes to conservatives and climate change.

Ms Bligh: What did Tony Abbott say about climate change?

Ms JONES: Yes, what did he say about climate change? It is very interesting to see who believes and who does not believe. I think it started with the letter ‘c’—‘crap’ is what he called it. It is very interesting.

Ms Palaszczuk interjected.

Ms JONES: He did—on the record.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mr O’Brien): Order! That is unparliamentary. I ask you to withdraw.

Ms JONES: Sorry, I was quoting Tony Abbott.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER: The language is unparliamentary. I ask you to withdraw it, please.

Ms JONES: I withdraw Tony Abbott’s quote.

Ms Bligh: And we will rule Tony Abbott out of order.

Subject: Emissions Trading Scheme [Legislative Assembly – Questions Without Notice]

Date: 11 February 2010

Hansard reference: p. 234 [online (pdf)]

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