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the call of the wild

24 February, 2010

Mr TUCKEY— Mr Speaker, today in the parliament the Treasurer referred specifically to my comments made today in our party room on the ETS issue. In so doing, he referred to me as a carbon sceptic and a denier of climate change. My contribution in the party room was to criticise the ETS legislation for its failure to address the problem of climate change, reminding those present that it proposes to sell or gift to large emitters certificates to allow them to continue polluting and to pass the cost on to captive markets such as domestic and small business consumers of energy products, and consequently it plans only to achieve a five per cent emission reduction by 2020, when the Barrier Reef scientists who addressed Labor MPs this morning said 20 per cent worldwide is the required target.

The SPEAKER— Order! The member for O’Connor will not debate his personal explanation.

Mr TUCKEY— Mr Speaker, I have not told them everything I said. The rest is pretty good!

The SPEAKER— I think that the member for O’Connor, to the extent that he needed to make a point, has made his point.

Mr TUCKEY— Thank you, Mr Speaker.

Mr Melham— How do you remember, with dementia!

The SPEAKER— Order! I will use the member for Banks’s behaviour at the moment as an illustration that it is not helpful for people in prosecuting whatever case they want to prosecute when they ask questions or make points of order and then just go into argy-bargy across the table.

Subject: Personal Explanations [House of Representatives]

Date: 17 November 2009

Hansard reference: p. 11890 [online (pdf)]

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