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25 February, 2010

Mr RUDD— […] There was one clear response from the Howard government— of which the Leader of the Opposition was a member—which was simply to withdraw funding from the states, including from the public hospital system: $1 billion.

Mr Truss interjecting—

Mr RUDD— The honourable member opposite interjects, ‘That is not true.’ I suggest he consults the statistics. Secondly, therefore, they ask what we have done in response in terms of taking responsibility—

Mr Dutton— No.

Mr RUDD— He says he is not asking what we are doing in terms of taking responsibility. Well, his question was about the buck stopping with us—

The SPEAKER— I see the member for Dickson is on his feet. The member for Dickson knows that if he approaches the dispatch box I expect him to go to a point of order directly and not enter into debate.

Mr Dutton— Thank you, Mr Speaker. At the Prime Minister’s request, the—


Mr Dutton— Just to clarify—

The SPEAKER— The member will raise a point of order—

Mr Dutton— This was why the promise was broken—

The SPEAKER—The member will resume his seat.

Mr Dutton interjecting—

The SPEAKER— The member will resume his seat. The problem I have is that the member for Dickson is a repeat offender in these matters. Now, I can easily give him the one hour but I do not really think that that is doing anything, because he has had six, seven or eight. I warn him—

Government members interjecting—

The SPEAKER— I cannot name him without a warning. If you want to change the rules for me, you can change the rules. If you want to say that after four or five one-hours, they are out for a day, change the rules. But the member for Dickson is warned, and he will sit there quietly during the response to his question.

A government member— It’s his birthday!

The SPEAKER— It may be his birthday, but he should behave!

Subject: Hospitals [House of Representatives – Questions Without Notice]

Date: 18 November 2009

Hansard reference: pp. 12074 – 12075 [online (pdf)]

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