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take me to the river

9 March, 2010

Hon PETER COLLIER: […] As far as fly in, fly out workers are concerned, I would be very disappointed if the congestion within the airports prevented workers from travelling to the north west, the Mid West and throughout the state generally. Yes, I will have close dialogue with my colleague the Minister for Transport, whom I have great confidence in. I am extremely confident that, collectively, we will meet the challenges at the airport.

Hon Norman Moore: Unlike the last government.

Hon PETER COLLIER: Precisely.

Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich interjected.

The PRESIDENT: Order! The question was a long, I think, four-part question. You cannot get in an extra couple of parts as supplementary questions. That is not in our standing orders nor is it one of our customs.

Hon Simon O’Brien interjected.

The PRESIDENT: Order! Let us get the answer on the record.

Hon PETER COLLIER: I swear that she could talk under water.

Several members interjected.

Hon Simon O’Brien: I wish she would try!

Hon PETER COLLIER: There would go Hon Norman Moore’s fish stocks!

Subject: Perth Airport Congestion – Effects on Fly In, Fly Out Workforce [Legislative Council – Questions Without Notice]

Date: 3 March 2010

Hansard reference: p. 373 [online (pdf)]

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