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like humans do

11 March, 2010

Hon LJILJANNA RAVLICH: […] In any event, unless the minister can come up with another explanation for why he did not release this particular email, then he is complicit in the conspiracy of being sneaky. He cannot have it both ways.

Hon Norman Moore: Conspiracy of being sneaky—that is a really profound statement! I will start sending some FOI applications from your time in office. In fact, I would ask all the same questions you’ve asked us. That would be interesting. You are just a gossip.

Hon LJILJANNA RAVLICH: I do not really care what the Minister for Mines and Petroleum does.

Hon Norman Moore: You’re looking for gossip.

Hon LJILJANNA RAVLICH: At the end of the day, the minister might not like what I am saying—he might find it offensive; he might think it is unfair; and he might do a lot of things.

Hon Simon O’Brien: It is boring.

Hon LJILJANNA RAVLICH: I am not here to entertain you.

Subject: Freedom of Information Process [Legislative Council – Motion]

Date: 4 March 2010

Hansard reference: p. 415 [online (pdf)]


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