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strange overtones

25 March, 2010

Mrs C.A. MARTIN: […] I come now to “Fleet Savings” under “State Development” in the Treasurer’s document. In other words, do public servants walk now? That is okay. I can handle it. It is good for their health and I understand that. The problem is that the Treasurer is not here to answer the question.

Mr R.F. Johnson: That can be done in consideration in detail.

Mrs C.A. MARTIN: I want to be able to make an informed decision.

Mr R.F. Johnson: He is not allowed to interject.

Mrs C.A. MARTIN: Has he been locked out? Is the Leader of the House being nasty to the Treasurer again? That is so bad. He has been so good lately.

Mr R.F. Johnson: Who?

Mrs C.A. MARTIN: He has been very caring.

Mr R.F. Johnson: He is. He likes you.

Mrs C.A. MARTIN: I am really scared now; he is frightening me!

Mr R.F. Johnson: I like you as well.

Mrs C.A. MARTIN: Really! I am terrified! I need counselling. Do not like me—fear me.

This is not about consideration in detail. We should have this information. We should not have just this document I have in my hand.

Mr R.F. Johnson: That is all we had when you were in government.

Mrs C.A. MARTIN: We are building a bridge and new relationships now. We are mates, mate, aren’t we?

Several members interjected.

Mrs C.A. MARTIN: Yes, we will build a bridge. I have been to Bunnings and I have got the material. We will build a bridge and we will walk over it together. Okay?

Mr R.F. Johnson: Yes, okay.

Mrs C.A. MARTIN: Who cares? We do not have enough information. We are supposed to be here to contribute to the debate so that all perspectives are recorded. That is our job as MPs, is it not? The Minister for Police can answer that.

Mr R.F. Johnson: Do you know that you are never satisfied?

Mrs C.A. MARTIN: I will not answer that.

Subject: Treasurer’s Advance Authorisation Bill 2010 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 16 March 2010

Hansard reference: p. 711 [online (pdf)]


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