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very, very hungry

2 April, 2010

Mr J.R. QUIGLEY: […] The minister has the numbers in this place this evening to vote down this amendment, but when he goes on talkback radio to explain why he abandoned small business people and why he abandoned employers, he will be facing the community of Western Australia. Just as the votes started to leak over the Lamborghini, they will start to leak because he is not protecting small business.

Mr J.J.M. Bowler: “Lamborguini”?

Mr J.R. QUIGLEY: I am sorry, member?

Mr J.J.M. Bowler: Lamborguini? Spaghetti?

Several members interjected.

Mr J.R. QUIGLEY: It is really important for the Parliament to note that government members, including the Acting Speaker (Mrs L.M. Harvey), are laughing over my pronunciation of the Italian —

Mr P. PAPALIA: I would very much like to hear more from the member for Mindarie.

Mr R.F. Johnson: You don’t really mean that!

Mr J.R. QUIGLEY: It is so very typical of this government that it would argue over syntax and pronunciation while not giving any credence or recognition to a basic concept of justice. Talk about piddling while Rome burns! This government is interested in mocking me for my pronunciation of a particular vehicle whilst not at all concerned about the injustices that will be suffered by small business people and employers.

Several members interjected.

Mr J.R. QUIGLEY: Worried? Yes, I understand the attitude of the Liberal government at the moment: it is to mock me over my pronunciation of the make of that particular vehicle. I do not know whether it is linguini or “Lamborguini”; I will just call it spaghetti and all members will know what I mean. It is a yellow thing that was racing around the highways.

Subject: Road Traffic Amendment Bill 2010 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 17 March 2010

Hansard reference: pp. 844 – 845 [online (pdf)]

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