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6 April, 2010

Mr NICHOLLS: My question is to the Premier. In light of the deceit and deception revealed in her taxpayer funded myths brochure revealed today about the sale of 33,000 hectares of Forestry Plantations Queensland freehold land, why should Queenslanders believe anything she says about asset sales and her botched implementation of them?

Mr SPEAKER: You will rephrase the question.

Mr NICHOLLS: Why should anyone believe the Premier when she talks about the botched sale of assets in Queensland?

Ms BLIGH: Well, I am certainly not talking about that.

Opposition members interjected.

Mr SPEAKER: Order! It is impossible to hear the answers this morning. I know we are all a bit on edge because it is Thursday. I ask the House to at least respect the speakers on their feet so we can hear the proceedings. I remind the honourable member for Callide that you are on your last warning.

Ms BLIGH: I am very pleased to take a question from ‘Big Red’ Tim, the comrade from Clayfield, who can barely speak about this issue with a straight face.

Mr SEENEY: Mr Speaker, I rise to a point of order. That is quite clearly unparliamentary and unbecoming for a Premier.

Mr SPEAKER: The honourable the Premier, I want you to call the member for Clayfield by his correct title. He is entitled to that respect.

Mr Johnson interjected.

Mr SPEAKER: The member for Gregory will cease interjecting. I have asked the Premier to call the honourable member for Clayfield by his correct title.

Ms BLIGH: It is very touching to see the member for Callide taking offence on behalf of the member for Clayfield. I think we know that the member for Clayfield now has one more vote in the pocket; he is keeping it in the back pocket. He has got Callide signed up.

Mr Lucas: That’s two.

Ms BLIGH: I think he has got a few more than two.

Opposition members interjected.

Ms BLIGH: They are actually very excited and animated for a Thursday. They will have to have a big nanny nap this afternoon to make up for it.

Subject: Sale of Public Assets [Legislative Assembly – Questions Without Notice]

Date: 25 March 2010

Hansard reference: p. 1152 [online (pdf)]

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