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give me back my name

13 April, 2010

Hon HELEN MORTON: […] Hon Ken Travers was not in this place when we were talking about weighted separation, so I will take great pleasure in explaining that again. Every time a patient is discharged from a hospital, it is a separation. But because the types of cases that patients are in hospital for have different levels of complexity, there is a weighting applied to every one of those discharges; a weighted separation is a weighted discharge factor.

Hon KEN TRAVERS: Your Honour, Mr Deputy President —

The DEPUTY CHAIRMAN (Hon Michael Mischin): Deputy Chairman will do; thanks.

Hon KEN TRAVERS: Your Honour, Mr Deputy Chairman —

Hon Simon O’Brien: He can’t get it right!

Hon KEN TRAVERS: I got the “Your Honour” bit right; that is the important bit!

Hon Simon O’Brien: Why don’t you sit and quit while you’re ahead?

Hon KEN TRAVERS: I would not give Hon Simon O’Brien the pleasure.

I am interested in the weighted separation issue. Does that mean that people are being discharged from hospital earlier than they otherwise would have been? Is that how the savings are being made? I am happy to take an interjection, if it is a quick and easy answer.

Hon Helen Morton: No; I’ve been told I’ve been doing too much of that!

Hon KEN TRAVERS: We are big kids; we can manage it if the parliamentary secretary wants to.

Subject: Treasurer’s Advance Authorisation Bill 2010 [Legislative Council – Committee]

Date: 1 April 2010

Hansard reference: p. 1232 [online (pdf)]

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