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i know it’s gonna happen someday

19 April, 2010

Hon KEN TRAVERS: […] The question of whether this house can rule a Treasurer’s advance bill out of order on the basis of certain information that has come in is probably not a question that this house can make a determination about. I think I have sought such a ruling in the past. However, I do believe that we have an obligation to debate this issue. I think that at some point a retired university professor who has nothing better to do with his time might look through the laws of this state and take the Treasurer to task about the fact that there is nothing extraordinary and/or unforeseen about the additional expenditure that is sought through a Treasurer’s advance bill.

Hon Liz Behjat: Perhaps you might like to do that when you retire!

Hon KEN TRAVERS: I suspect it will happen a bit sooner than that.

Hon Donna Faragher: What—you will be retiring?

Subject: Treasurer’s Advance Authorisation Bill 2010 [Legislative Council – Committee]

Date: 1 April 2010

Hansard reference: p. 1233 [online (pdf)]

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