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21 April, 2010

Hon MATT BENSON-LIDHOLM: Would the parliamentary secretary also like to make some sort of comment in respect of the Harvey Hospital redevelopment, which has been completely cut from the 2009–10 budget?

Hon HELEN MORTON: No, I do not want to make a comment about it on account of the fact that it is not contained in this bill and is not impacted by this bill, so I do not think that it comes within the debate that we are having today.

Hon MATT BENSON-LIDHOLM: I would also like to seek information of possible cutbacks on account of private–public partnerships being negotiated at the revamped Albany Regional Hospital. Is any money in that $67 million part of any renegotiation of that redevelopment or any savings in that particular area?

Hon HELEN MORTON: The advice I am getting from more than one source is that the scope of that work has not reduced and the amount of resource put into that project has not reduced.

Hon ROBIN CHAPPLE: I heard the parliamentary secretary mention Hedland in an answer she gave. Can she give me the amount of money to which she referred and what, in essence, that item relates to?

My question appears to have caused some amusement.

Subject: Committee Reports and Ministerial Statements – Consideration [Legislative Council – Committee]

Date: 31 March 2010

Hansard reference: p. 1188 [online (pdf)]

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