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let the right one slip in

22 April, 2010

Mr O’BRIEN (Cook—ALP) (9.49 pm): Good news, honourable members. After a period of abeyance for several years, Queensland’s greatest superhero is back. That is right, members, Condoman is back spreading his important message of safe sex across the length of our state, especially in Indigenous communities. I would like to especially acknowledge the Minister for Public Works, who has been a long and large supporter of the rippled crusader for over an extended period of
time. Today, I have provided him with the new, updated Condoman poster, which he assures me will hang high and proud in a prominent position in his office.

Condoman was first developed in 1987 by a group of Indigenous health workers in Townsville for a campaign to promote and encourage condom use among Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders. As members would expect, though, Condoman came to be loved by the wider Queensland and Australian community. Late last year, Condoman rose up again with a new and modern design. The latest design is a partnership between the Queensland Association for Healthy Communities and the Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council.

As members would expect from a superhero like Condoman, he comes not just with posters but with a very large package of accessories, such as a 24-page comic book, key ring and condom pack. There are also a number of Condoman suits to be used across the state. The campaign has maintained the original catch phrase of ‘Don’t be Shame be Game Use Condoms’ and the aim is to introduce Condoman to a new generation of Queenslanders.

I know that members will also be excited to learn that Condoman is breaking out and that there are plans to expose him to a much wider audience. Production on an animated film has begun in Cairns under the stewardship of Anita Jones, who has already recruited high-profile Indigenous actor Aaron Fa’aoso of Remote Area Nurse fame, who will be the voice of Condoman. More female voices are needed to audition for the production, but I am sure that once the word gets out they will be queuing up for the opportunity to get on the job with the rubber-clad superhero. Once the animation is complete it
will be featured on HITnet touch screen kiosks, which are installed in remote and urban health centres right across Australia.

Without any further ado, let me get him out and show honourable members what the new improved Condoman looks like. I was going to lay him on the table of the House, but the Clerk told me this afternoon that that was not necessary nor indeed advisable as he would probably be too big for the parliamentary database, among other things. Therefore, I suggest that if anyone wants to get up close and personal with Queensland’s greatest superhero, they should take a visit to the office of the Minister for Public Works downstairs. I join with him and all right-thinking Queenslanders in welcoming the return of Condoman.

Mr SPEAKER: I will not be extending the honourable member’s time.

Subject: Condoman [Legislative Assembly – Adjournment]

Date: 14 April 2010

Hansard reference: p. 1422 [online (pdf)]

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