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midnight souls still reman

28 April, 2010

157. Ms M.M. QUIRK to the Minister for Police:
I refer to the vehicles that are currently being impounded for either hoon offences or licensing offences.
(1) What percentage of those vehicles are not being retrieved by their owners?
(2) Can the minister confirm that this will result in unanticipated and significant costs being incurred by WA Police?
(3) Given that the values of these vehicles are at the lower end and that these vehicles are often unroadworthy, does the minister consider that in the interests of road safety these vehicles should reman off the roads?

Mr R.F. JOHNSON replied:
(1)ā€“(3) I thank the member for Girrawheen for the question. It is almost a dorothy dixer, quite frankly. I appreciate it. I appreciate the assistance that the member gives me.

Mr E.S. Ripper: Then you might be able to give an answer!

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: Leader of the Opposition, I will always give an answer. I really will.

Mr E.S. Ripper: You will always give what purports to be an answer!

The SPEAKER: Order! Thank you, members.


Ms M.M. Quirk: What percentage of those vehicles are not being collected?

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: From the figures that I have seen, about 650 vehicles have not been collected, obviously because the value of the vehicle is less than the cost of retrieving the vehicle. I suggest that most of these vehicles could be described as old heaps that have been driven by people ā€”

Mrs M.H. Roberts: A bit like you!

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: People in glass houses should not throw stones!

This is a serious issue. I think the number is something like 650.

Mr R.H. Cook: You said before that it was a dorothy dixer!

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: That is why I wanted it! It is a good question! It is a good story!

Mr E.S. Ripper: Answer the question!

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: If the Leader of the Opposition would keep quiet, I will do.

Subject: Impounded Vehicles Cost – Police [Legislative Assembly – Questions Without Notice]

Date: 22 April 2010

Hansard reference: pp. 2125 – 2126 [online (pdf)]

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