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29 April, 2010

Mr W.J. JOHNSTON: I join the member for Victoria Park in saying that the Labor Party opposes this provision. As I understand from the midyear review, this provision will generate $96 million in the 2010–11 financial year. I would like the Treasurer to confirm that that $96 million will actually exceed the amount that will be rebated to business from the payroll tax rebate.

Mr T.R. Buswell: I understand the point you are making. I think I advised the house the other day that we estimate that the payroll tax rebate will be worth about $100 million. I am not in a position to confirm or deny that.

Mr W.J. JOHNSTON: The rebate is worth around $100 million, and this provision is also worth around $100 million.

Mr T.R. Buswell: It is $96 million.

Mr W.J. JOHNSTON: That is the point. If there is $4 million left over, that is very generous of the Treasurer; it is very magnanimous of the Treasurer.

Mr T.R. Buswell: That is the nicest thing you have said about me in the past six weeks!

Mr W.J. JOHNSTON: I think it is even longer than that, Treasurer.

Subject: Revenue Laws Amendment Bill 2010 [Legislative Assembly – Consideration in Detail]

Date: 22 April 2010

Hansard reference: pp. 2135 – 2136 [online (pdf)]

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