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30 April, 2010

Hon NORMAN MOORE: […] I will be discussing that with the Minister for Transport if he is of a mind to look at the proposals being put forward by Greyhound Australia. It is a necessary service. It is the sort of service that the government provides for the south west of Western Australia. I suggest to the shadow Minister for Tourism that she get on
the Transwa bus to Gingin, and look at how important that service is.

Hon Simon O’Brien: Do not tell her there is a return service!

Hon NORMAN MOORE: A one-way trip would be preferable to what she might otherwise choose to take!

Hon Ken Travers: If you go with her, I will buy your ticket!

Hon NORMAN MOORE: Come on! There is only so much one can put up with in this life; and a one-way trip to Gingin with Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich is something that is not high on my list of priorities.

Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich: You would love to sit on a bus next to me for 20 hours; you know it! It is probably a fantasy!

Hon NORMAN MOORE: Every time Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich gets up to speak in this house, I think to myself that I should retire.

Hon Ken Travers: Keep talking, Ljil!

Hon NORMAN MOORE: I would not usually say that because that would normally provoke her to stand up and talk, but no matter what I said or did, it would not stop her talking. She has that affliction that requires her mouth to be open more than it is ever shut! I do not know what this is called.

Subject: Greyhound Australia Bus Service, Perth-Broome [Legislative Council – Motion]

Date: 22 April 2010

Hansard reference: p. 13 [online (pdf)]

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