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12 May, 2010

MS M.M. QUIRK (Girrawheen) [9.12 am]: There are occasions on which the Legislative Assembly has risen early because there has been no business to debate and Legislative Council members have been sent home because there have been no bills to present in the Legislative Council. These are administrative matters that with proper management could accommodate bills that contain amendments such as those to the Dog Act. It is also likely that there will be bipartisan agreement on such a bill; therefore, the parliamentary time required will not be great. Instead of a K9 priority, the bill needs a AA priority. I am reluctant to “hound” the minister, but the time for “pussyfooting” is over. My constituent and many thousands of Western Australians have been extremely patient. The time has come for urgent action.

The SPEAKER: I shall “paws” before giving the call to the Minister for Local Government!

MR G.M. CASTRILLI (Bunbury — Minister for Local Government) [9.18 am]: There are a heap of comedians out of work, and everyone in this house is doing it for nothing today!

Subject: Dog Act Amendment Bill [Legislative Assembly – Grievance]

Date: 6 May 2010

Hansard reference: p. 2598 [online (pdf)]

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