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half dead

26 May, 2010

Mr M. McGOWAN: […] We have come up with a new word: “Barnettised”, which has something to do with the creation of a new dictionary—the “Barnettism”. The unnecessary delay of debate through extraordinary argument we
might refer to as “Woollardised”. The term “Woollardised” might describe the government’s performance during various debates. It is always interesting to see the expression on the face of the Leader of the House when the member for Alfred Cove raises an issue and participates in debate.

Mr R.F. Johnson: She frightens me!

Mr M. McGOWAN: His face goes through various permutations: first of all, there is a look of surprise; then there is a look of consternation. Then his head swivels right and he starts mouthing words silently in her direction—words such as, “Sit down,” and “Please, shut up”!

Mr R.F. Johnson: Never!

Dr J.M. Woollard: You would never say that, minister, would you?

Mr M. McGOWAN: He does not say it, he mouths it! That is me reading his lips, admittedly side on! The member for Alfred Cove does not take much notice, and his demeanour then starts to turn ashen, darker and angrier—the sort of look he normally reserves for me!

Mr D.A. Templeman: I like it when his eyes start rolling back; that’s when I get excited!

Mr R.F. Johnson: That’s when I’m nearly dead!

Mr M. McGOWAN: He sits there, staring at me with this dark look that is normally reserved only for me, but on such occasions I know that it is for the member for Alfred Cove! The member for Alfred Cove and I have something in common! A new word has been created to describe the member for Alfred Cove’s contributions to debate, but we seem to evoke the same emotions in the Leader of the House! Perhaps we can swap notes on how we manage to do it.

Subject: Pharmacy Bill 2010 [Legislative Assembly – Remaining Stages – Standing Orders Suspension – Motion]

Date: 20 May 2010

Hansard reference: p. 3102 [online (pdf)]

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