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all the right friends

10 June, 2010

Hon LJILJANNA RAVLICH: […] The Mayor of Cottesloe, Kevin Morgan, has challenged the Premier, Colin Barnett. In an article dated 22 May 2010, he is reported as challenging Premier Colin Barnett to say whether he or his party colleagues had received political donations from property owners on the beachfront. That seems like a pretty reasonable question to me. No-one has ever given me any money; I can assure members of that. In response to this question, the Premier is reported as saying —

“I honestly cannot tell you,” …
“I do not know the names of people who donate to my campaign. I do not honestly know who makes donations.
“Obviously I am aware some friends have.

I thought that was very interesting—he has some friends!

Hon Michael Mischin: You’re jealous.

Hon LJILJANNA RAVLICH: I do not need any money, and I do not need any more friends, quite frankly.

Hon Peter Collier: You’re happy with yourself, are you?

Hon LJILJANNA RAVLICH: I am more than happy with myself. I am at ease with myself, and the minister can be assured of that. About the minister, we cannot be so sure. Is the Minister for Training and Workforce Development at ease with himself?

Hon Peter Collier: Absolutely.

Hon LJILJANNA RAVLICH: I do not think the minister is!

Hon Peter Collier: I am entirely attractive company.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT (Hon Jon Ford): Members, I am losing track of the debate.

Subject: Approvals and Related Reforms (No. 4) (Planning) Bill 2009 [Legislative Council – Second Reading]

Date: 27 May 2010

Hansard reference: p. 3565 [online (pdf)]

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