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11 June, 2010

HON GIZ WATSON (North Metropolitan) [8.17 pm]: […] It is probably worth noting that it is interesting that this bill seeks to insert some proposed new sections. It is kind of a technical interest, but the new numbering in the Criminal Code goes from section 488 to section 510. We can insert the proposed new sections because the intervening sections were deleted in 1990, so there is space in the act into which new bits can be inserted. I note that matter for those of us who pay close attention to bills. It is a fascinating phenomenon rather than numbering sections with “AA”, “AB”, “AC” and all the rest of it.

Hon Sue Ellery: I am not sure that “fascinating” is the right word.

Hon GIZ WATSON: It is amazing what fascinates me after being in this place for a little while, but that is one of the things that fascinated me.

Hon Michael Mischin: I think you need to get out more!

Hon GIZ WATSON: I know I need to get out more! It is a worry. I should give full credit to my research staff for their thoroughness in this regard.

Subject: Criminal Code Amendment (Identity Crime) Bill 2009 [Legislative Council – Second Reading]

Date: 25 May 2010

Hansard reference: p. 3203 [online (pdf)]

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