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better than being just a chicken (cheep-cheep-cheep…)

15 June, 2010

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: […] As reported in the Fremantle Herald and possibly other esteemed publications, apparently what is on my agenda is some massive advertising billboards for Fremantle’s iconic fishing boat harbour and a whole range of other places, including possibly up and down the Swan River. I am looking here at the Fremantle Herald. Hon Ken Travers got a page 1 apparently, headed “Billboard blight” in the Fremantle Herald of 22 May, a publication of record, no doubt, that is keen to pick up on any —

Hon Ken Travers: It recorded your opposition to Roe Highway 8 about eight years ago.

Hon Sue Ellery interjected.

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: Sorry; were you squawking at me then?

Hon Sue Ellery: I don’t squawk; and don’t be so rude.

The PRESIDENT: Order! If the minister addresses the answer through the Chair, I will not interject and nobody else should either.


Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: […] Are we intending to blot out the landscape with giant billboards in waterfront areas?

Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich: You are!

Hon Ken Travers: It is your government’s documents that talked about billboards, not me!

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: Different government committees and whatever that make suggestions can make all the suggestions that they want, and they can be investigated —

Hon Ken Travers: It was in the budget papers last year, you goose!

Point of Order

Hon MICHAEL MISCHIN: Mr President, once again we are descending into abuse to a certain degree, which seems to be stock-in-trade for the opposition.

Several members interjected.

The PRESIDENT: Order! A point of order has been raised. I have said before that it is sometimes not so much the words that are used but the intent with which the words are used. Members will be aware that some words can be interpreted in different ways. So I would ask members to be cognisant of that. I am sure the minister is coming to the end of his answer.

Questions without Notice Resumed

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: I had barely started, Mr President. Just for the record, I do not take issue with what Hon Ken Travers was saying.

Hon Ken Travers: You accused the Leader of the Opposition of squawking!

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: Well, she does squawk from time to time. If Hon Ken Travers wants to start calling me names, I am just saying I am not worried about it.

The PRESIDENT: Order! Look, now we are getting to the point where there is obviously personal intent in the terms used, whether it is “goose” or “squawking”. Minister, have you finished your answer?

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: Mr President, I have pretty well finished the response to the honourable member.

Hon Ken Travers: It’s not an answer!

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: Well, it does not merit any more of an answer than that.

Subject: Department of Transport – Advertising Revenue [Legislative Council – Questions Without Notice]

Date: 27 May 2010

Hansard reference: pp. 3580 – 3581 [online (pdf)]

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