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Rob Johnson raises his bat

18 June, 2010

And so, after 3.5 years and nearly 500 posts, Rob Johnson, WA’s Minister for Police and Leader of the House for the Legislative Assembly, features in his 100th post – the first politician to reach the century, at a ridiculous strike rate in appearing in over 20% of posts, and well ahead of his nearest rival, Grant Woodhams. Obviously not all of these appearances have been starring roles, but as a man with a knack for interjecting repeatedly, and indeed being the most wanton seeker of interjections who has ever spoken, the sheer volume of material featured is not unsurprising.

As Minister for Police in the Barnett government since 2008, Johnson has had his fair share of criticism, both for proposals such as the ‘stop and search’ laws and for brandishing weapons in Parliament. He has even managed to be lampooned on the front page of the 2009 edition of Prosh, under the headline ‘Ban the Bikes’ (referring to groups of cyclists rather than bikie groups).

Even in seemingly quiet days reported in Hansard, Johnson can usually be counted on, especially now as Leader of the House, to pipe up with interjections or to respond to those of the opposition with something approaching humour, usually accompanied by his habit of referring to members as “my friend“. Over the years he has also had long-running to-and-fro with the likes of Margaret Quirk (current Shadow Minister for Police), Jaye Radisich (former member for Swan Hills), and Carol Martin (member for Kimberley), amongst others.

Amongst highlights from the Johnson archives, there have been his brush with the celebrity lifestyle, quoting from the ‘Johnson Bible’, his teddy, which actor might play him in a film, describing his voice, the rules of the Legislative Assembly, and exactly why he is trustworthy. However, the final word should go to this post – I don’t know if anything could follow it, to be honest…


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