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what it says on the packet

22 June, 2010

Mr SCHWARTEN: […] In another region heavily dependent on tourism, the Gold Coast, we are building a $144.2 million redevelopment of the Carrara Stadium.

Government members: Hear, hear!

Mr SCHWARTEN: I did not hear any ‘Hear, hears!’ from those opposite. This stadium will be a state-of-the-art venue that will not only be a boon for residents of the Gold Coast—

Opposition members interjected.

Mr SCHWARTEN: Oh, they are a little bit touchy over there this morning. The old drainpipe has come to life over there: old Narcissus himself—instant Narcissus, just add water.

Mr SPEAKER: Order! Minister, please! Let us get back to the ministerial statement.

Mr SCHWARTEN: Well, Mr Speaker, if they want to put their head in the tiger’s mouth, they cannot complain when it bites.

Subject: Budget, Construction Industry [Legislative Assembly – Ministerial Statement]

Date: 10 June 2010

Hansard reference: p. 2001 [online (pdf)]

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