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ain’t too proud to bag

5 July, 2010

Hon LINDA SAVAGE: […] Education and wanting to do so have so far proved to be unsuccessful and it is time to move on in a legislative framework to ensure that we act to overcome what we face, which is really a mountain of rubbish that has had so little use, perhaps maybe five minutes, that most of us can barely imagine what goes through our hands even in a week. That is why, as I said, when I brought these plastic bags into the chamber, it was not to trivialise. I do not know how many there are here but these are the type of thing —

Hon Robyn McSweeney: Don’t table them!

Hon LINDA SAVAGE: I have checked that they are all clean.

Hon Ken Travers: You do know that you may be better known as the bag lady from now on.

Hon LINDA SAVAGE: I know. In a previous life I might have been known for my handbags, which I cannot bring into this house. I did think through the implications.

Subject: Plastic Shopping Bags (Waste Avoidance) Bill 2010 [Legislative Council – Second Reading]

Date: 24 June 2010

Hansard reference: p. 4565 [online (pdf)]

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