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i’m not calling you a liar

9 July, 2010

THE SPEAKER (Mr G.A. Woodhams): Before members might choose to move from where they are, I wish to bring some clarification to this place about the use of the words “lies” and “liar”. Members, there is a very strong convention in this house that many of you would realise has been in place over a considerable period of time; that is, that use of the word “lies” or accusing somebody of being “a liar” are not acceptable. I will not make a ruling, but I certainly indicate to all Acting Speakers who are hearing this, and to all other members, that if the word “lies” is used by any member in this place in reference to another member in this place, a request will be made that the accusation be immediately withdrawn. I hope that brings effective clarification to what has happened today, members.

Mrs C.A. Martin: What about Pinocchio?

The SPEAKER: If I can find Pinocchio, member for Kimberley, I will make sure that he is informed as well.

Subject: Decorum of the House – Debate Terminology [Legislative Assembly – Statement by Speaker]

Date: 26 May 2010

Hansard reference: p. 3468 [online (pdf)]

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