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mr. tough

2 August, 2010

Dr K.D. HAMES: […] It is something that is at the back of one’s mind all the time as a general practitioner—that one might do something wrong. I actually recall doing something wrong on one occasion, but I was extremely supportive and helpful to the patient; it was not a big deal. Whether there is a need for people to seek advice depends on how well doctors look after their patients.

Mr C.J. Barnett: I saw you attend to Hon Peter Collier’s Achilles heel—a horrifying incident!

Dr K.D. HAMES: I was not very sympathetic, I have to say, because I was dragged out of bed. There was a reason for complaint on that occasion, because I was somewhat less than sympathetic to his plight, and he had snapped his Achilles tendon, so he was in a fair deal of pain. I told him he had snapped his Achilles tendon; what else did he want to know?

Mr C.J. Barnett: Everyone was looking desperately for Hon Graham Jacobs at that stage!

Dr K.D. HAMES: Yes, I think “Toughen up, princess” would have been the words I used!

Subject: Health and Disability Services Legislation Amendment Bill 2009 [Legislative Assembly – Third Reading]

Date: 23 June 2010

Hansard reference: pp. 4459 – 4460 [online (pdf)]

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